The Quin

The Quin is a private social club relaunching after a thorough reinvigoration, and renovation by Hexagon Properties of its custom-built 1888 McKim, Mead & White club-house in Boston's Back Bay. It is a social club for a community of leaders, creators, innovators, game changers, influencers, seekers, aesthetes and fun-lovers, the interesting and the interested. Under the auspices of a private collection, with our clients KCFA is selecting art work specifically to hang in the club that visually reinforces the core values of that community.

1. The Algonquin Club, circa 1888 ; 2. Brochure cover for The Quin, 2019

Our clients have an elegant eye and a mature collection grounded in classic early and mid-century painting, sculpture, and works on paper. For The Quin, we were asked to push the boundaries of their collection, looking to not only established artists, but early- and mid-career living artists as well. The work acquired for the Club must delight a diverse membership, and include objects by our most celebrated artists drawn from both a local and an international context. We are also re-installing art from the Club's historic collection, putting it into conversation with recent acquisitions in order to tell a new story. Together, the Quin's collection begs a simple appreciation of beauty, which our selections will reveal in sometimes surprising ways.

95 Irving Street

Cambridge, MA 02138