Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences, New Orleans

KCFA partnered with the developers of a new Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences to curate a collection that celebrates New Orleans. We took as our lead the historic landmarked building by Edward Durrell Stone that opened in 1968 as part of the 250th anniversary of New Orleans. Formerly known as the International Trade Mart, over the years our building housed numerous foreign consulates and the headquarters for the Port of New Orleans. Our collection thus took its cue: a celebration of New Orleans today as well as its history, and an art collection international in its purview and yet resolutely committed to the local community it also serves.

1 George Dunbar's Rouville CXVIII (2020) in the Hotel Lobby. ; 2 Dawn DeDeaux's Water Markers New Orleans: A City Below the Sea (2020) installed in the Hotel Lobby. ; 3 Artwork by Teresa Cole (2020) hangs in a guest room. ; 4 Leonardo Drew's 34P (2014) hangs in the Hotel Lobby. ; All images Courtesy of Four Seasons. Photography by Christian Horan.

The collection we have curated orients residents and visitors alike to the riches that the city has to offer. To visually tell this story of place through art, we foregrounded contemporary New Orleans artists against a backdrop of internationally celebrated artists, many of whom have themselves been deeply influenced by the city. Site-specific commissions by artists George Dunbar, Dawn DeDeaux, John Alexander, Aimée Farnet Siegel, Anastasia Pelias, and Teresa Cole anchor the collection. Commissions from local art non-profits Young Artist Movement (YAM) with mentor/artist Rontherin Ratliff, and artist Mapó Kinnord in collaboration with YAYA (Young Aspirations Young Artists) further ground the collection in the community and support its future.

Four Seasons Press Room

A Delightfully Atypical Art Collection

Apr 18, 2024

109 Marlborough Street

Boston, MA 02116