No. 284

The former private residence at 284 Commonwealth Avenue reopened in 2018 after a complete renovation by Hexagon Properties as a luxury guest house. Hexagon distinguishes itself with its offering of high-end, architecturally significant properties that offer an experience of home away from home. For No. 284, Hexagon asked KCFA to curate a collection to heighten that atmosphere of refined individuality. We took as our lead the architecture of the stately brownstone. The first floor features details typical to the original 1880 construction. As the floors ascend, they progressively modernize, with a delightful penthouse suite at the top that is airy, light-filled and contemporary.

1. No. 284's library. Photo Credit: Mary Nguyen, Photography Studio/Artists For Humanity ; 2. The foyer with Pablo Picasso's L'Homme au chapeau, 1914-5. Photo Credit: Mary Nguyen, Photography Studio/Artists For Humanity

With this in mind, we curated a collection of predominantly American master prints that reflect No. 284's passage over time. The earliest work in the collection, Pablo Picasso’s 1914-5 cubist etching L’Homme au chapeau, holds the foyer entrance and the latest, Wayne Thiebaud’s 2015 Hot Chocolate, warms a fourth floor guest room. In between, the collection moves from abstraction, Abstract Expressionism, Pop, through the diverse art of the 70s and 80s, to contemporary art. It is a celebration of master prints and the material diversity and technical virtuosity of the medium. Overall, it is an elegant, cultured collection that reflects the spirit of its ownership and location in Boston’s historic Back Bay.

A Curated Stay

Six Art Hotels in New England

Mar 31, 2020

95 Irving Street

Cambridge, MA 02138